About Us

We love running events! Our team at Zyombi Gaming has been running tournaments since 2013 where we started out offering solo signup events for the Smite community. We have also been proud to provide the backend management for the Smite Challenger Circuit (formerly Challenger Cup) for the past couple of years under our Tiermonster brand.

We decided to get involved in the PUBG community because, lets face it, the game is a ton of fun and watching or playing in a highly strategic game is exciting. Plus the developers are very involved in making the game better for all of us, so why not get involved! We hope you enjoy the events we create for the game and look forward to meeting and building a vibrant PUBG community.

Contact Us

If you are interested in reaching out to the team, please feel free to email us at INFO@PUBGLEAGUE.GG our crack team of hamsters will make sure your inquiry reaches the right folks!

Team Members

Oponn - Lead Developer / Business Manager

Oponn is a professional IT consultant by day and rabid fan of eSports by night. He is responsible for the business side of SoloQuene, it’s development and event design.

eBadger - Engineer / Business Manager

eBadger makes all the magic happen behind the scenes and helps to keep the other minions in line, especially Oponn.

LordWhizzKid - Operations Director / Recruiter

LordWhizzKid brings years of event administration and team coordination to the group and is also a certified pun grandmaster from England, but we don’t hold that against him.