How to Play

Create an Account

Sign up on the website, all you need is an email and your PUBG In Game Name. Once you are done creating your account you should be automatically logged into to your dashboard.

Register for an Event

On your dashboard you will see a list of the events that we are hosting, there will be a green REGISTER button, click this! You are now registered for an event. Registering does not guarantee you a spot in an event, registering tells us that your interested in playing and lets us work out the logistics around how many players are interested in playing.

Please note, you must register for an event to be able to check in to an event. Registration will normally end a half hour before the check in time listed for the event.

Check in for an Event

At the time listed on your dashboard check in for the event. You must have registered first before being able to check in. Once you have checked in you can double check the PARTICIPANTS page to make sure your IGN is listed.

On the PARTICIPANTS page you will also see that you have been assigned a player number. Player numbers are used to divide up groups if we have more people than one game instance can handle. More information about this will be relayed to you by the admins on discord. Remember your player number.

Please Note, check in is first come first serve, we cap our events (Normally 200 players) and once that is filled the event is full. You may join us on the discord and hang out in the #subs channel for any open spots that may become availiable

Join us on Discord

Once you have checked in please join us on discord and enter the PUBGLEAGUE-GAMES chat channel. All match information will be relayed to you by the admins here. You can join our discord using the box to the right or clicking the discord link in the header.

Final Notes

Shoot people in the head and eat more chicken.