How to Play

Create an account on

Head on over to and sign in using your steam account.

Find our event in the events list

Once you are logged into the website click the EVENTS link and find our event listed, it should normally be PUBGLeague Ladder Week ? click the JOIN EVENT button and you should be all set!

Join us on Discord on the day of the event

Join us on discord and enter the PUBGLEAGUE-GAMES chat channel. You can join our discord using the box to the right or clicking the discord link in the header. At checkin time a link will be posted for you to fill out a form to check in (don't worry it's easy we just want your email, discord id and PUBG IGN). Once that is complete all match information, server name and passwords will be provided at the start of matches by the admins. NOTE: Emails will never be used for marketing purposes, they are only to be used to contact players in case of tie-breaks or for shipping information.

Final Notes

Shoot people in the head and eat more chicken.